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Threat Defender 

Monitor, Detect, and Prevent Hacks in Real Time.

Monitor events to detect and prevent hacks before it happens

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Proactive Security

Behavior based Attacks

AI Data Engine detects anomalies based on security incidents inside CryptoArmor’s previous detections of attempted crypto and cybercrime.

Malware and Ransomware

Digital asset firms may be targeted with malware, such as Trojans or ransomware, that can steal sensitive information or disrupt operations.

Intrusion Detection 

Digital asset firms may be targeted with DDoS attacks, which flood their systems with a large amount of traffic to disrupt operations and make them unavailable to users.

Insider Threats

Digital asset firms may face a risk from insiders, such as employees or contractors, who have access to sensitive information and systems.

Blockchain-Specific Attacks

Digital asset firms may be vulnerable to specific attacks that are applicable to blockchain technology such as 51% attack, double-spend attack, and smart contract vulnerabilities

Wallet and Private Security

Digital asset firms should be concerned about the security of their digital wallet and private keys, as these are the keys to access the digital assets.

Here’s how we keep you protected:

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Some of the hacks we could have avoided:

Mango Markets

Quick comment on the specifics of this hack and what CryptoArmor offers to not make something like this happen again

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