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VCISO and Security Advisory

Trusted Cybersecurity Experts. 

CryptoArmor’s VCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) service provides small and medium-sized businesses in the crypto and blockchain industry with access to experienced cybersecurity professionals who can act as their outsourced CISO. Our VCISOs provide guidance and oversight to your organization’s security program, working with your team to identify risks, develop policies and procedures, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Our VCISOs have extensive experience in the crypto and blockchain industry and can provide customized security strategies tailored to your specific business needs. They work closely with your team to understand your unique risk profile and design a security program that provides the best protection against the latest threats. With CryptoArmor’s VCISO service, you can ensure that your organization’s cybersecurity program is up-to-date and fully compliant with industry standards and best practices.

CryptoArmor is an extension of  a businesses team. Our team conducts an initial risk assessment to increase the awareness about the risks at which the organization is exposed. Once both CryptoArmor and its client knows what an malicious adversaries can possibly exploit to damage the company and its business, we start planning out the next steps to secure your systems and make you comply with regulations to attract customers and investors and meet business goals. CryptoArmor helps make security a business enabler.

Virtual CISO & Policy Advisor

The CISO is the person an organization can trust to manage its cybersecurity strategy. CryptoArmor’s vCISO offers the expertise like a normal CISO, but with the added value of a lower cost for the client.

Information Security Program

vCISO Security Advisory Service: 

Our VCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) service offers you the opportunity to have a board-level cyber security consultant who provides strategic leadership, corporate security consulting, and security strategy for your business. With this service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is being managed by a team of experts. Our VCISO team will provide you with a monthly report to keep you informed about your business’s security status.

  • Cyber Risk Assessment Program
  • Risk Management Cyber Program
  • Design & Program Management
  • Develop Policies and Procedures
  • Cyber Security Strategy and Governance
  • Board & C-Level Compliance Reporting
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Data Security Consulting
  • Accelerate security program maturity
  • Program development
  • Governance
  • Security Policy and standards
  • Compliance
  • Access to a team of experts
  • Improve compliance and avoid penalties
  • Reduce security risk and business continuity

Why Virtual CISO Will
Boost Your Business

CryptoArmor’s Virtual CISO is the best solution for those organizations who have clear cybersecurity goals and expectations in mind, and also want to make their investments as efficiently as possible.

With our Virtual CISO, companies are getting a great deal of performances while saving money for longer term investments.

Storage of Sensitive Data

Lower Cost, Higher Quality

Clear Security Goals

What a Virtual CISO does


  • Cybersecurity Program
  • User Awareness Training
  • IT Solutions and Tools
  • Recommendations from Assessments and Penetration Tests
  • Data Security Protocols
  • Incident Response Objectives
  • A Culture of Strong Information Security


  • Threat Reporting
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • In-House IT Staff
  • Cloud Migration
  • Vendor Relations
  • Ongoing Risks
  • IT Decisions

Virtual CISO FAQs

How much does a Virtual CISO or vCISO cost?

A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) can provide significant cost savings compared to hiring a full-time CISO, with current rates estimated to be around 30% of the cost. The cost of a vCISO will depend on the specific needs of the organization and the expertise and experience of the contracted individual or team. The potential savings can be significant, with some organizations paying less than $30,000 annually for a vCISO service.

What does a Virtual CISO do?

A virtual CISO plays a vital role in an organization’s security program by providing services such as security strategy planning, information security policy creation, incident preparation and response, and audits, security assessments, and penetration tests. Since the responsibilities of a vCISO depend on the security needs of the organization, they collaborate with clients to identify and offer customized vCISO services.


A virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) can provide a range of security services to your organization. These services include managing your organization’s security program, securing systems and data, mitigating and responding to threats, testing and improving security controls and procedures, and preparing for audits and security reviews. By working on an as-needed basis, a vCISO can provide these and other agreed-upon security services tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

How will a vCISO or a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer help?

A virtual CISO can help your business in several ways. They bring expertise in cybersecurity, risk management, and regulatory compliance, providing valuable guidance on security strategy and planning. They can help create or update information security policies, perform audits and security assessments, and develop incident response plans. By working closely with your team, a vCISO can ensure that your organization’s security program is well-managed and effective in mitigating cyber threats. Overall, a vCISO helps your business maintain a strong security posture and reduces the risk of a data breach or cyber attack.

What are the benefits of a Virtual CISO vs CISO?

Although a CISO is a full-time employee who manages information security, there are several advantages to using a vCISO instead. First, contracting a vCISO is less expensive than hiring a CISO, making it more accessible to smaller organizations with lower budgets. Second, vCISOs are independent experts who bring diverse experiences to the table and are responsible for maintaining and expanding their knowledge. Third, a vCISO can work on-demand and provide services when needed, unlike a full-time CISO who must be retained year-round and requires a longer hiring process.

What is the process of getting started with vCISO?

The process of getting a vCISO with CryptoArmor involves several steps:

  1. Initial Consultation: The first step is to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your organization’s security needs and determine if a vCISO is the right fit for you.
  2. Customized Proposal: Based on the information gathered during the consultation, CryptoArmor will create a customized proposal outlining the specific services and level of support needed.
  3. Onboarding: Once the proposal is accepted, the onboarding process begins. This includes an orientation call to introduce the vCISO team, establish communication channels, and discuss the scope of services.
  4. Security Assessment: The vCISO team will conduct a thorough security assessment to identify areas of weakness and develop a comprehensive security plan.
  5. Implementation and Ongoing Support: The vCISO team will work with your organization to implement the security plan, including any necessary security controls, policies, and procedures. Ongoing support is provided to ensure that the plan is maintained and updated as needed.
  6. Reporting and Review: Regular reports and reviews are provided to track progress and ensure that the security plan is effective in protecting your organization’s assets.

Overall, the process is tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization, with a focus on providing comprehensive, customized support throughout the engagement.

Policy Advisory

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution to cybersecurity policy. Every organization must define policies that are aligned with the goals and objectives of the business. That may be tough to figure out on your own if you are a small or medium sized business.

What security measures should you implement? Where are you most vulnerable? How can you prevent data breaches? What should you do in the event of a data breach? Who can you trust? Where do you start?

The first step is always to perform a network security assessment. Your network needs to be tested for vulnerabilities to find where it is weakest and exploitable. Once your baseline for security has been established, then we can help you put the policy pieces in place to protect what you have worked for. Our cyber policy advisory includes:

Third Party Policy and Vendor Management Review

  • Verify security controls are in place
  • Review outside vendor agreements to ensure data privacy and protection
  • Consulting and security due diligence on third party engagements

Operational Policy and Procedures Consulting

  • Review procedures to verify implementation of security controls
  • Review security control procedures
  • Create acceptable use policy
  • Written information security program

Security and Regulatory Standard Consulting

  • Ensure security alignment with NIST / ISO frameworks
  • Regulatory review to ensure compliance with California Consumer Privacy Act, General Data Privacy Rule, Ohio Data Protection Act, GDPR, etc


Expert Cybersecurity Strategy

Vulnerability Assessments
& Penetration Tests

Security Risk

Security Management 

Security Architecture

Managed Security Solution

Security Program Design

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessments:

  • provides an in-depth security assessment of external and internal network infrastructure and applications, internal network infrastructure, servers, and client devices
Penetration Testing:

  • exploits identified vulnerabilities and demonstrate those vulnerabilities’ impact in successful attack scenarios.


  • Gather information on existing processes
  • Passive and active reconnaissance
  • IT and cybersecurity capability review

Vulnerability Assessment

  • External and internal network scanning
  • Results analysis
  • Preliminary reporting of potential vulnerabilities
  • Internal and External Vulnerability Services

Penetration Testing

  • Web Application Testing Services
  • External Penetration Testing Security Vulnerabilities.
  • Internal Penetration Testing Security Vulnerabilities.

Final Reporting

  • Final report preparation
  • Final report deliverable
  • Written executive summary
  • Executive debrief
  • Remediation guidance and support

Cyber Risk Assessment

At CryptoArmor, our Cyber Security Assessment and IT Security Risk Assessment Services team can assist your organization in identifying its current cyber weaknesses. Our team comprises highly skilled experts with a comprehensive toolset to identify, evaluate, minimize, and eradicate information and physical security threats.

Through our Cyber Security Assessment and IT Security Risk Assessment Services, we aim to help organizations gain a clear understanding of their security risks and develop a plan to address them. With our expertise and experience, we help businesses implement effective security measures to strengthen their defenses against cyber attacks. 

Discovery and Scope

  • Gather existing policies and procedures
  • Gather information on existing processes
  • IT and cybersecurity capability review
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Policy Review and Assessment
  • Third Party Risk Assessment


  • Regulatory framework mapping
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Policy Review and Assessment
  • Third Party Risk Assessment
  • Security Program Assessment, Penetration Testing, Industrial Controls Health check, Cloud Assessments, Cyber Insurance, Risk Assessment Mergers, and Acquisitions Risk Assessment.

Final Reporting

  • Final report deliverable
  • Maturity model scoring
  • 3 year strategic roadmap
  • Our Cyber Security Assessment and Compliance Services provide your business with valuable insights to make informed decisions regarding capital and resource allocation, as well as regulatory compliance costs for current and future information assets.

Security Program Services

Digital Asset Cybersecurity protection

Security Architecture

Our team of secure development experts is experienced in evaluating technical security controls that protect source code and development environments across traditional, agile, and developer operation teams’ cultures. We assess code repositories, integration testing, automated deployment, and developer system security from a white-box, black-box, and greybox perspective to reduce the risk of organizational or intellectual property compromise.

  • Cloud Security Architecture 
  • Application Security Services
  • Engineering Security
  • Network Security
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Managed Security Strategy

Our cybersecurity management services include compliance and risk management, managed SOC, managed detection and response, vulnerability management, and managed incident response retainer services. We provide comprehensive managed security services to manage all aspects of your organization’s security.

What we can help you achieve

CryptoArmor offers a range of cybersecurity services to help businesses achieve various security goals, such as protecting against cyber threats, complying with data protection laws and regulations, managing cyber risks, and developing robust security programs. By working with CryptoArmor, businesses can implement multiple levels of data protection techniques and align with data governance management frameworks, reducing risk on all possible cyber attack surfaces. They can also benefit from services such as cybersecurity consulting, regulatory compliance, risk management, network security consulting, penetration testing, and secure development. Ultimately, CryptoArmor aims to help businesses improve their cybersecurity posture, reduce the risk of data breaches and other cyber incidents, and maintain compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Managed Security Operations
  • Managed Detect and Respond Services
  • Cloud Security Sustainment Consulting
  • Security Operations & Cybersecurity Consulting
Our Specialties
  • Policy and plan development
  • Security Operations Management
  • Application and software security assurance
  • Security Data Governance
  • Engineering and architecture design

Managed Compliance

  • Virtual CISO (vCISO)
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Program Design & Progam Management
  • Develop Policies and Procedures
  • Security Strategy and Governance
  • Security Incident Response Planning
  • Security Architecture Review
  • Vendor Risk Management Program
  • Vulnerability Management Program
  • C-Level Compliance Reporting