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Cybersecurity Strategy

Incident Response

Penetration Testing

Risk &

Virtual CISO & Policy Advisor

Blockchain Security Testing

Cybersecurity Strategy

CryptoArmor directly handles the entire strategy NECESSARY to keep your business secure. We work alongside your IT experts and develop together an approach that will establish a safe operational environment for your and your customers. 

Starting from a risk assessment, the extensive expertise of our team detects all the possible problems and prepares solutions for existing weaknesses, prepares a plan for threat detection and incident response and prepares documents to share with investors and insurers.

incident response

Our incident response team helps contain, respond and remediate security incidents. Security events happen, even for organizations with most mature security programs. For businesses experiencing attacks, CryptoArmor incident response services respond and remediate the threat, help get organizations back to an operational state, and prevent any further damage. After the threat is mitigated, our investigation team does a full review to share with engineering teams.

Penetration Testing

Our security and penetration testing services are more than a simple vulnerability assessment. We actively attempt to circumvent security controls by carrying out exploits that take advantage of discovered vulnerabilities, revealing what an adversary would be able to do.
Thanks to the way we perform our test, we help our clients identify where they should target their cybersecurity investments.

Risk & Compliance

Through Risk and Compliance Management services we handle the likelihood of a cyberattack or data breach and make our clients comply with the set of rules and regulations that would allow them to better perform in their unique industry.
Everything we do is tailor-made on your needs. 

Virtual ciso and policy advisor

Our vCISO allows you to get the high quality standard of a CISO while saving money. CryptoArmor’s team experience and expertise delivers our clients a magnificently high operating standard and management cleverness.

We fortify and foster cybersecurity programs, data security protocols, strong information security while reducing the chances of incidents, managing the existing and possible threats, and manage vendor relations. 

Blockchain cybersecurity

We perform highly detail cybersecurity and blockchain investigations thanks to unique proprietary softwares. Those allow us to map the transactions, identify threat actors, follow the flow of money to the source and track wallets.

This allows our clients to operate more safely, avoid non-trustable entities and have a thorough understanding of their business.