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Mango Exploit is a good example of cross-market manipulation. In order to prevent situations like this, centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges need to implement real-time monitoring and protection systems that automatically alert based on behavior anomalies. CryptoArmor’s real time protection, has the capability to monitor events in trading volume as well as network and system assets inside your network to secure businesses. Without CryptoArmor in place, businesses like Mango Markets are unlikely to detect or deter the most common manipulative activities, like pump-and-dumps and wash trades. The exchanges on which these manipulations take place may be exposed to considerable legal, reputational, and/or financial risks


CryptoArmor Service Retainer

CryptoArmor also offers a service retainer that provides protection and coverage in the event of security incidents. It’s important to be ready for when a security incident happens, that your team has access to security resources immediately to respond to the threat and mitigate the blast radius as much as possible. 

Legal Access– Our legal security team focuses on developing a case for prosecuting the attacker. Our team works daily with law enforcement at a state and federal level. Our communications will help efficiently develop a case against cybercrime. Additionally, we know what evidence, processes, and materials needed internally to best produce a case to prosecute. Additionally, our legal team can also service as prosecutors in the case. 

Incident Response – Our incident response team helps contain, respond and remediate security incidents. Security events happen, even for organizations with most mature security programs. For businesses experiencing attacks, CryptoArmor incident response services respond and remediate the threat, help get organizations back to an operational state, and prevent any further damage. After the threat is mitigated, our investigation team does a full review to share with engineering teams. Then review the findings with the team with training to learn from the incident. Our team provides documentation to share with executive level management and the board. Additionally, we will also develop other documents to share externally to necessary parties such as law enforcement or insurance providers.

Proactive Readiness– Training and attack simulation from C Level down to engineering teams, we help get organizations prepared for scenarios with our detailed training. The best way to respond to incidents is to be prepared for the chaos. Our team helps prepare organizations for the chaos with experts running simulations and table top exercises. 

  • Incident Response Simulation
  • Table Top Exercises
  • Policy Preparation
  • Attack Simulation
  • Advanced Testing of Security Controls and Security Teams response.

Cyber Insurance Alignment – Work in tandem with cybersecurity insurers to get the most out of your coverage and current plan as well as reduce premiums and show a strong posture. . Cyber Insurance Alignment work closely alongside cybersecurity insurers so they know how best protect themselves while also showing a strong posture through proper coverage. 


Use CryptoArmor to help conduct security reviews, use for blockchain security engineering, build your security program, and continuously pentest your applications and network.

CryptoArmor is a blockchain Cybersecurity-as-a-Service that builds proactive security strategies in order to keep your business and customers safe.
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