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CryptoArmor Creates Industry’s First Crypto Runtime Protection Software

Growing at an exponential rate, the cryptocurrency and NFT community has entered previously unexplored territory. The lack of structure and regulation present on the blockchain generates major security threats to the assets and infrastructure of investors and enterprises. 

In 2021 alone, hackers collectively stole US$3.2 billion worth of cryptocurrency, according to Chainalysis. More  recently, in March 2022,  hackers were able to infiltrate Sky Mavis, the company that runs Axie Infinity, the largest play-to-earn NFT project in the world, and steal around US$625 million worth of assets.

I personally have witnessed countless acquaintances and friends fall victim to cyber attacks targeting their valuable crypto and NFT assets.

Thousands of compromises occur within the space every day.

Crypto criminals are becoming increasingly savvy in the way they operate. We must evolve with them in order to combat against their assaults. Luckily, CryptoArmor has tailored cybersecurity to meet the specific needs of NFT projects, crypto miners, wallets, and exchanges.

The space is in desperate need of convenient, reliable, and strong cybersecurity.

CryptoArmor provides just that.

The CryptoArmor team has decades of experience in all kinds of cybersecurity organizations. Our team offers world class service. They work around the clock, detecting and preventing attacks. Some of their services include penetration testing, crypto runtime endpoint protection, and privacy/compliance services.

Contact CryptoArmor here to learn more.