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2022 is set to win the award for the year with most hacks in the crypto industry, totaling more than $3 billion stolen through ~125 exploitations. This has massive implications on both the short term and the long term of every single business, affecting their profitability, growth and brand identity.
In fact, a hack does not just makes a company lose its and its customers’ money, but triggers also a general loss of trust in that company’s ability to offer their services in a safe environment.

In order to prevent this from happening again and keep building CryptoArmor’s vision of a safer web3, we’re now announcing a powerful partnership with Elementus that will allow the both of us offer an even more complete cybersecurity service to our clients.

Elementus x CryptoArmor

The benefits of this partnership for our clients and the entire crypto space are tangible.
CryptoArmor is a cybersecurity-as-a-service company offering a wide range of security services to web3 businesses and web2 companies that are looking to get into web3, along one of the industry’s first crypto runtime protection software.
Elementus, instead, built a top of the notch blockchain data intelligence platform that allows all its users to have a magnified and clear understanding of blockchain transactions and interactions between different parties, studying also the reliability of the actors involved.

CryptoArmor and Elementus are committed to make web3 a safer place for people to grow and enjoy their time with the amazing communities growing in this space.

Together, CryptoArmor and Elementus help blockchain businesses with:

  • Threat Detection.
    Elementus’ unparalleled on-chain attribution data and CryptoArmor’s XDR product help detect threats posed by bad actors and respond in real-time., delivering a powerful, multi-layered web3 security solution to the blockchain market
  • Security for web3 development.
    CryptoArmor’s smart contract vulnerability detection and remediation solution combined with Elementus’ blockchain data and analytics offers a powerful, proactive approach to smart contract code security that applies security intelligence and vulnerability data to ensure that any and all code vulnerabilities are identified and resolved before they are deployed into production.

With the new year set to start in 2023, new products, protocols, ideas, companies and challenges will arise. With this partnership, both CryptoArmor and Elementus show great signs of resilience and belief in the long term evolution of this industry.


CryptoArmor is a cybersecurity software company that helps protect web3 and blockchain enterprises. CryptoArmor also offers blockchain Cybersecurity-as-a-Service that builds proactive security strategies in order to keep your business and customers data safe, as well as incident response capabilities to help organizations experiencing ongoing attacks. CryptoArmor’s threat protection software helps monitor, detect and prevent hacks with real-time intelligent threat detection for web3 security events. CryptoArmor is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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