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95% of applications has cybersecurity problems due to misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.
This is what the report “Software Vulnerabilities Snapshot 2022” published by Synopsys on November 15 shows.
Of all these applications, 25% has highly or critically severe vulnerabilities problems.

“Weak SSL and TLS configuration, missing Content Security Policy (CSP) header, and information leakage through server banners topped the list of software issues with security implications” writes Robert Lemos on his article on Dark Reading.

The data presented in the Synopsys report shows the importance that the use of multiple tools to analyze a software has. For example, penetration tests alone detected 77% of the weak SSL/TLS configurations, while the use of pentests along with Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) detected 82% of the issues.


This report is a further insight on how widespread misconfigurations and vulnerabilities are in today’s applications. With the rapid development of blockchain technologies, we’ve seen this told true in this sector as well.
The problem becomes even more visible when companies building on blockchain realize how difficult it is to find talented blockchain and web3 engineers, even harder when it comes to finding talents specialized in security.

That’s where CryptoArmor can help.
We not only have software to detect misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in code in real time, we also provide security engineering services for blockchain as well. By adopting a combination of cybersecurity practices in order to keep every software as safe as it should be, we can prevent the problems explained above.

CryptoArmor is a blockchain Cybersecurity-as-a-Service company that builds proactive security strategies in order to keep your business and customers safe. CryptoArmor’s software helps detect and prevent hacks in real time by monitoring for security events and vulnerabilities in code. Join CryptoArmor’s beta to try out CryptoArmor’s threat detection software. CryptoArmor is headquartered in Austin, Texas.
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