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Protect Your Cloud Environment

Cloud Penetration Testing

At CryptoArmor, we offer cloud penetration testing services to help ensure the security and compliance of your cloud-based systems and applications. Our team of experienced security professionals will identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in your cloud environment, providing actionable guidance for remediation and risk reduction.

Cloud Penetration Testing

CryptoArmor analyses the existing security level of your infrastructure and prepares a strategy for optimum level of security coverage.
Cloud Infrastructure Penetration Testing

We will test the security of your cloud infrastructure, including networks, servers, databases, and applications. Our team will identify vulnerabilities, test access controls, and assess the security of data stored in the cloud.

Cloud Application Penetration Testing

We will evaluate the security of your cloud-based applications, including web and mobile applications, APIs, and other cloud-based services. Our testing methodology includes a comprehensive analysis of your application’s architecture, code review, and vulnerability testing.

Cloud Configuration and Security Assessment

We will assess the security of your cloud configurations, including access controls, data encryption, network security, and other security-related settings. Our team will identify any misconfigurations or vulnerabilities that could lead to unauthorized access, data breaches, or other security risks.


We can help ensure that your cloud environment meets compliance and regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and others. Our team will provide actionable recommendations for remediation to help you achieve and maintain compliance.

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Identify Vulnerability

We identify vulnerability and weaknesses in our clients’ organizations

Investment Focus

Thanks to the way we perform our test, we help our clients identify where they should target their cybersecurity investments

Regulatory Insights

Penetration tests are optimal to identify non-compliant software, hardware or procedures that require work and attention in order to make the company comply with industry requirements

Final Reporting

CryptoArmor creates detailed report at the end of a penetration test in order to inform the entire company, from technical employees to c-suite executives. 

Cloud Pentesting Benefits

  • Comprehensive testing methodology
  • Experienced and certified security professionals
  • Actionable recommendations for remediation
  • Prioritized vulnerability findings
  • Compliance and regulatory assessments
  • Cost-effective solutions
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Unique Approach

Our security and penetration testing services are more than a simple vulnerability assessment. We reveal what an adversary would be able to do by actively circumventing security controls by carrying out exploits leveraging discovered vulnerabilities.


CryptoArmor’s team of security experts work in tandem with engineering teams to test and analyze your engineering infrastructure environment for potential vulnerabilities.

Value add

We do more than finding and reporting security vulnerability and risk. Our team shows you what we’ve found by actually exploiting the problems without causing real damage. By doing this, we are testing your software, infrastructure and incident response team’s response at the same time. 

CryptoArmor’s Red Teaming

It falls into two categories: Adversary Simulation and Technique Simulation. Red Teaming has overlap with penetration and application security testing, but in addition it also tests humans and detection capabilities of your organization.