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OUR MISSION - Protect Digital Assets

CryptoArmor is a cybersecurity solutions company whose mission is to make the digital world safer and more secure. Our full-service cybersecurity consultancy includes a team of specialists who specialize in penetration testing, auditing, security architecture, and security analysis. We act as an extension of your team, providing easy-to-understand solutions to overcome the most challenging cybersecurity issues.

CryptoArmor Principles

Clear, Straightforward Solutions

Many builders find security to be confusing and counterintuitive. It can be difficult to understand and can increase the complexity of a system. As developers create more software, the attack surface to protect increases, which requires more security measures. However, adding security measures can also increase complexity.

Reducing security-related complexity while improving security is not as simple as adding a feature or buying a product. It requires a careful balance and attention to detail. Our focus is on helping customers navigate security complexity while maintaining the effectiveness of their security measures.

Leverage New Tech

Safely harness the potential of emerging technologies such as blockchain and IoT to tackle complex problems and discover novel business models. We are innovators, builders. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that technological innovations, which transform familiar and trustworthy things, are secure, reliable, and responsible. To achieve this, we continuously innovate in tools, methodologies, and approaches that protect sensitive data, promote privacy and transparency, and enhance resilience.


Our approach is to cover every possible threat, perform thorough testing, and consider all relevant risks to ensure that every valuable threat is addressed. We do not rely on magical thinking or assume that everything will work out somehow. Instead, we hire experts who are willing to go the extra mile and take the necessary steps to deliver reliable and secure solutions, even if it means doing some tedious work. We understand that security is a serious matter and we take it seriously by leaving no stone unturned.

Rockstar Talent

Our company owes much of its success to the exceptional engineering talent that we have on our team. We believe in nurturing talent by continuously challenging ourselves, providing ongoing education programs, and conducting research. We seek out individuals with diverse knowledge and specific skills and push them to excel in their work.

Through this approach, we continuously enhance our ability to remain at the forefront of practical security. We combine this with a strong work ethic and a willingness to tackle even the most mundane tasks, resulting in a culture of relentless inquiry and attention to detail.

Engineer-centric security

One of the simplest ways to tackle security issues is by making it easier for developers to implement proper security measures. This includes ensuring that tools, recommendations, and methodologies are user-friendly and difficult to misuse. We avoid any unexpected upgrade paths, undocumented APIs, forgotten debug settings, or ambiguous recommendations that could cause inconvenience or confusion. Having learned from our own experience, we prioritize creating our own software products that are intuitive and efficient.

Enable Innovators

Working with innovators and product businesses requires a unique set of skills and experience. We understand the importance of balancing speed of delivery, security requirements, and preserving the unique value of every product.

As a product company with a team from diverse product and research backgrounds, we appreciate the fragile and valuable process of building new things.

Solving security challenges that scales for your business.

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Unique Approach

At every stage of a company’s growth, the focus of cybersecurity strategy changes. Our team ensures that you have a clear comprehension of how cybersecurity strategy aligns with your company’s development. Security is a continuous and invasive process. Our team has the expertise to identify and mitigate risks, minimize outages, enhance the overall capacity of product teams, and prioritize the prevention of security weaknesses from the initial stages of product development.

Aligning Business Goals

We communicate compliance obligations, potential business risks, and customer value to your organization and technical infrastructure. Our guidance will assist you in determining the appropriate security initiatives and achieving the proper balance of security, cost-effectiveness, and operational trade-offs.

Efficient, Transparent Security

We assist in developing security processes, determining which security features to prioritize, identifying suitable automation tools, and keeping up-to-date with the most recent rules and recommendations. Even the most robust security controls won’t be effective if they are not implemented correctly. Therefore, we conduct a thorough security review of each component, assess the overall security posture of your application, and ensure compliance with specific regulatory requirements.

Expert Security

We ensure that security features are designed to be cost-efficient, maintainable, and verifiable, without compromising the development cycle or breaking products. As security engineers, we work closely with software developers and SREs to provide effective security solutions that avoid any unexpected surprises or operational failures.

Our Approach to Security

Align with product architecture

We have extensive expertise in integrating security layers into existing architecture without compromising performance and maintainability. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to seamlessly integrate these security measures into your current architecture, ensuring the highest level of protection for your organization.

Security Reviewed

A security review is crucial to ensuring that even the best security controls are effective. At our company, we conduct a comprehensive security review of each component, the overall application security posture, and specific compliance requirements. This helps ensure that security controls are implemented correctly and effectively.

Evolve with product roadmap

We ensure that the security measures implemented follow a defense-in-depth approach, are expertly designed, align with your risk profile, and seamlessly integrate with your application architecture.



Extension of your team

Our goal is to increase innovation capacity. Security engineers are partners with software developers and SREs. We know how to avoid roadmap surprises, imminent operational failures, and development slowdowns.



Reduce risk

Avoid business risks associated with security issues. Expect security software to prevent reputational, business, and operational security risks, protect user data, and safeguard company secrets without fail.

cybersecurity protection for crypto, blockchain, web3, and crypto mining businesses.


CryptoArmor focuses on keeping you protected while your team focuses on growing your business. As security engineers, we work hand in hand with software developers and SREs to ensure smooth and efficient project development. With our expertise, we anticipate potential roadmap disruptions, prevent imminent operational failures, and avoid unnecessary slowdowns in the development process.

Increased INNovation ADVANTAGE

We ensure that security features are designed to be cost-efficient, maintainable, and verifiable, without compromising the development cycle or breaking products. As security engineers, we work closely with software developers and SREs to provide effective security solutions that avoid any unexpected surprises or operational failures.

Trusted Security Experts

CryptoArmor’s goal to establish an advanced protection for digital assets. Experts helping build security solutions that align with business goals and objectives. 
Our aim is to assist you in reducing risk and safeguarding your data. We collaborate with prominent corporations, organizations, and governments worldwide.  We simplify protection of their sensitive data and adherence to relevant regulations.

We strive for perfection knowing that it’s never enough, which motivates us to do better and give all we have every time. 

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